Direct access is provided via NCIS Online, the database's web interface, and is available to approved users only.

Death investigators are those with responsibilities in the coronial investigation, such as coroners, registrars, forensic pathologists, police and court staff. Death investigator access requires the relevant state or chief coroner’s approval. Costs are covered by annual funding contributions made by states and territories. 

NCIS Coders are court staff nominated to code cases for the NCIS.

Third party researchers are those with a project that has received formal human research ethics approval from the Justice Human Research Ethics Committee and the Western Australian Coronial Ethics Committee (where required), and who have a bona fide interest or professional role in public health and safety, or a statutory requirement to collect and publish data. Cost recovery fees apply.

Data contained in the NCIS may be on-provided under certain conditions. Organisations must apply to become a NCIS data on-provision providing agency for the on-provision of NCIS sourced data to external parties. 

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