An understanding of the NCIS coding schema is recommended for anyone involved in using NCIS data for research or reporting, or for anyone involved in coding data.

Further information is available in data sources + classification structuresexplanatory notes and training + support.

New coding support materials released on 1 July 2024

NCIS coding support materials have been refreshed to better assist NCIS coders with data entry and case closure. As a result, the NCIS Coding manual (released February 2020) has been retired and should no longer be used by coders. Coding standars and scenarios are now available.

Coders should use the new coder support material for guidance. Existing references to the retired NCIS Coding manual now refer to the new resources. We are working to update these references and links across the NCIS website and documents. 

Contact (External link) for assistance using the new resources.



Data dictionary

The NCIS Data dictionary is a reference manual for users involved in entering, interpreting or analysing information in the NCIS. It includes a comprehensive list of all data fields available in the NCIS with definitions and applications.

Manual - Data dictionary (PDF, 5.18 MB) (External link)


NCIS Pharmaceutical substance for human use codeset

The Pharmaceutical substance for human use (PSHU) codeset contains all drugs that can be coded in the NCIS. To allow for easier maintenance and revision, this codeset is stored separately to the NCIS Data dictionary.

Manual - Pharmaceutical substance for human use codeset (XLSX, 189.91 KB) (External link)


Coding standards and scenarios

Coding standards contain guidance on specific data fields and how they should be coded for the NCIS. Each standard is specific to a NCIS Online screen. 

Coding scenarios contain guidance on specific mechanisms of injuries, how they should be coded for the NCIS and guidance on contributing factors that impact coding. Each document is specific to a Mechanism of injury (Level 1).  

Refer to How to code cases (External link) for all coding support material.


Page last updated:  1 July 2024