Data contained in the NCIS may be on-provided under certain conditions. Organisations must apply to the NCIS to become providing agencies for the on-provision of NCIS sourced data to external parties.

Providing agencies may be current subscribers of the NCIS for their own research or organisational purposes, or may be applying as new agencies for the sole purpose of data on-provision.

Providing agencies must have assessment processes in place to ensure that NCIS sourced data remains secure and will only be on-provided to receiving agencies for research or statistical purposes.

Contact us for more information or assistance with data on-provision and the application process.


Before you start

Applicants should refer to the Definitions and Application and approval processes section of the application form prior to submitting your application to the NCIS Unit.


Application forms


Apply to be a providing agency

To submit your request, email the following information to (External link):

  • completed request form
  • completed declaration form.

The NCIS Unit will review your request and contact you regarding next steps.