Strategic plan 

Our vision is to save lives through the power of data. Our strategic plan sets the priority goals and outcomes we are working towards achieving over four years to support this vision. 

Corporate publication - Strategic plan 2022-26 (PDF, 64.74 KB) (External link)


Annual reports 

The NCIS Annual report highlights the services, activities and achievements of the NCIS in each financial year.

Corporate publication - Annual report 2022-23 (PDF, 1.21 MB) (External link) 


NCIS articles 

Articles authored by the NCIS Unit provide information about the role and functions of the NCIS. 

Dunstan, L. (2019) The National Coronial Information System: saving lives through the power of data, The Australian Economic Review, 52(2), pp. 247-254, (External link)

Saar, E., Bugeja, L. & Ranson, D. L. (2017) National Coronial Information System: Epidemiology and the Coroner in Australia, Academic Forensic Pathology, 7(4), pp. 582-590, (External link)