An understanding of the NCIS coding schema is recommended for anyone involved in using NCIS data for research or reporting, or for anyone involved in coding data. More information is also available on explanatory notes.

Coding manual

The NCIS Coding manual is a reference for those entering data into the NCIS. The manual provides guidance and advice on data fields and common coding scenarios. It contains tailored advice on common external-cause scenarios as well as tips on how to consistently code common scenarios.

Data dictionary

The Data dictionary is a reference manual for persons involved in entering, interpreting or analysing information in the NCIS. It includes a comprehensive list of all data fields available in the NCIS with definitions and applications.

NCIS Pharmaceutical substance for human use codeset

The Pharmaceutical substance for human use (PSHU) codeset contains all drugs that can be coded in the NCIS. To allow for easier maintenance and revision this codeset is stored separately to the NCIS Data dictionary.

The PSHU List alphabetically lists all drugs in the PSHU codeset.

The PSHU list including metabolities lists all drugs included in the PSHU codeset, grouped by drug class, category and parent drug. It also includes information about associated metabolites.

PSHU list including metabolites

Download PDF
Download PDF

The PSHU full codeset is an excel spreadsheet which provides different views of the PSHU codeset. These views include the codeset ordered by class, category, parent drug, a comparison of the 2014 and 2018 versions and explanatory notes.

PSHU full codeset

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Download PDF

System updates

The NCIS web interface is periodically upgraded to enhance system functionality and user experience.

A number of updates have applied to supplementary codes that support Australian coronial data on the NCIS:

  • The January to March quarterly update for incident, residential and death address geocoding has been completed
  • Final ICD-10 codes for Australian 2017 cases and Revised ICD-10 codes for Australian 2018 cases have been added to the NCIS

System update – 12 April 2021

A number of updates have applied to supplementary codes that support Australian coronial data on the NCIS

  • The October to December quarterly update for incident, residential and death address geocoding has been completed
  • Preliminary ICD-10 codes for Australian 2018 cases have been updated to include z codes and preliminary ICD-10 codes for Australian 2019 cases have been added
  • Safe Work Australia codes for 2019 work related deaths have been added

System update – 18 December 2020

Users can now search and/or return geocodes applied to death address on the NCIS.

System update – 29 October 2020

Two changes were implemented to the NCIS in August 2020:

  • A new section titled System notices is now available on the NCIS Home page
  • The Last seen alive field has been renamed Last known alive

System update – 4 August 2020

A number of updates have been applied to external codes that support coronial data on the NCIS:

  • Death address geocoding is now available for the first time for NCIS records
  • The quarterly update for incident and residential address geocoding has been completed
  • ICD-10 codes for 2018 now available on Australian and NZ records
  • ICD-10 codes for 2016 and 2017 Australian cases updated with latest versions
  • BDM data for indigenous status and place of birth now available for 2018 Australian records.

System update – 1 July 2020

A format change was applied to the local case numbers for all Western Australian cases within the NCIS. The format for WA local case numbers is now sequence/year/location.

Users can access a WA local case number mapping file from the Help screen on the NCIS interface to obtain the new local case numbers for existing cases of interest.

System update – 22 April 2020

This update involved enhancing the functions for finding the most applicable codes, updating the codeset and linking cases.

New functionality includes:

  • Update of the NCIS codeset
  • Expanded codeset searching options
  • New validation rules
  • Linking multiple case records for the same deceased

Codeset update details – February 2020

NCIS System Upgrade – February 2020

This upgrade involved enhancing the presentation of geocoded and drug data.

New functionality allows users to:

  • identify if the geocoding process has been unsuccessful for a particular address
  • return Drug class and Drug category fields from a query design search
  • search the free text field Other pharmaceutical substances for human use

System upgrade – 15 October 2019

This upgrade involves improving data about the indigenous identification and birthplace of the deceased.

Data sourced from the Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) registries around Australia has been integrated into the NCIS to supplement the coronial information about indigenous origin and country of birth.

System upgrade – 6 November 2019