NCIS coders are coronial court staff nominated to complete case coding for the NCIS. These resources are provided to assist coders. 

Data sources + classification structures and explanatory notes may also be useful.

How to use the system + search offers a range of guides to navigate the system.

Troubleshooting + frequently asked questions provides advice in relation to common user queries.




Coding manual

The NCIS Coding manual is a reference tool designed for coders entering data into the NCIS. The manual provides guidance and advice on data fields and common coding scenarios, with tailored advice and tips about how to consistently enter coded data for the purposes of the NCIS.

Manual - Coding (PDF, 3.58 MB) (External link)


Data dictionary

The NCIS Data dictionary is a reference manual for users involved in entering, interpreting or analysing information in the NCIS. It includes a comprehensive list of all data fields available in the NCIS with definitions and applications.

Manual - Data dictionary (PDF, 5.18 MB) (External link)


NCIS Pharmaceutical substance for human use codeset

The Pharmaceutical substance for human use (PSHU) codeset contains all drugs that can be coded in the NCIS. To allow for easier maintenance and revision, this codeset is stored separately to the NCIS Data dictionary.

Manual - Pharmaceutical substance for human use codeset (XLSX, 189.91 KB) (External link)


How-to guides


Quick start to coding using NCIS Online

A companion guide to the Coding manual which provides a high level overview of how to code cases using NCIS Online. 

Guide - Quick start to coding using NCIS Online (PDF, 3.98 MB) (External link)


Jurisdictional additional coding advice


Multiple fatality events

In addition to the NCIS Coding manual, coding advice regarding significant multiple fatality events (MFEs) is prepared for those entering data into the NCIS. Significant MFEs include natural disasters or monumental events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and may occur in a single jurisdiction or across multiple states and territories. The advice is intended to support accurate and consistent coding and to more easily identify fatalities resulting from an MFE.


Deaths attributed to COVID-19 

This advice relates to coding deaths attributed to COVID-19. 

Release date: July 2021

Update date: August 2023

Manual - Coding advice - COVID-19 attributed deaths (PDF, 240.53 KB) (External link)

This advice is provided to assist New Zealand based NCIS Coders when coding deaths associated with Cyclone Gabrielle which impacted New Zealand in February 2023.

Release date: April 2023

Manual - Coding advice - Cyclone Gabrielle (PDF, 157.65 KB) (External link)