The NCIS is committed to providing support for all court staff responsible for coding cases. Training and advice is offered in a variety of ways.


Online coder training modules offer focused instruction on specific aspects of coding. There are nine training modules, which are ideal for staff new to coding or in need of a refresher course. These modules can be found here.

The NCIS also offer training sessions via Skype. These can be tailored for individuals or groups and can be delivered as a one-off or as regular sessions. Contact us to discuss your needs and to arrange a session.

NCIS coding newsletter

The NCIS team produce a quarterly coding tips newsletter. This is intended to communicate information about coding, provide examples and share information. The newsletters can also be used as reference material and all previous editions can be accessed below.

We welcome any feedback and ideas for future newsletters so please contact us with suggestions.

DOWNLOAD Coding Tips – Alcohol and Drugs – September 2018
DOWNLOAD Coding Tips – September 2018
DOWNLOAD Coding Tips – May 2017

NCIS Coding Manual

The NCIS Coding Manual and User Guide is a reference for those responsible for data entry into the NCIS. The manual provides guidance and advice on common data fields and coding scenarios.  It also contains specific advice on typical external cause scenarios as well as hints on how to breakdown common scenarios for consistent coding.


NCIS Data Dictionary

The NCIS Data Dictionary is a reference manual for persons involved in the entry, use and analysis of information contained in the NCIS codeset. It is a comprehensive list of all data fields available in the NCIS with definitions and applications.


NCIS Pharmaceutical Substance for Human Use codeset

This is a listing of drugs which are included in the Pharmaceutical Substance for Human Use (PSHU) codeset. To allow for easier maintenance and revision this codeset is stored separately to the NCIS Data Dictionary.

The PSHU List is an alphabetical listing of all drugs which are included in the PSHU codeset.


The PSHU List Including Metabolities is a listing of all drugs which are included in the PSHU codeset, grouped by drug class, category and parent drug. It also includes information about associated metabolites.


The PSHU Full Codeset is a spreadsheet which provides different views of the PSHU codeset. These views include the codeset ordered by class, category, parent drug, a comparison of the 2014 and 2018 versions and explanatory notes.