Trauma and injury death research publications and reports using NCIS data are listed here. Find out if you are eligible to apply for access or request data

Injury Detection in Traumatic Death: Postmortem Computed Tomography vs. Open Autopsy
Chatura Wijetungaa, Chris O’Donnell, Tiffany Y So, Dinesh Varma, Peter Cameron, Michael Burke, Richard Bassed, Karen Smith, Ben Beck

Differences in the epidemiology of out-of-hospital and in-hospital trauma deaths
Beck, B., Smith, K., Mercier, E., Gabbe, B., Bassed, R., Mitra, B., Teague, W., Siedenburg, J., McLellan, S. & Cameron, P. PLoS ONE

Epidemiology of burn-related fatalities in Australia and New Zealand, 2009-2015
Minnes, J. A., Cleland, H. J., Cameron, P. A., Darton, A., Tracy, L. M., Wood, F. M., Singer, Y. & Gabbe, B. K. ScienceDirect

Geographic variations in reported and treated pain and mental health problems in the first two years after transport-related major trauma
Giummarra, M. J., Amoh-Gyimah, R., Saberi, M. & Gabbe, B. J. ScienceDirect

Preventable residential fire fatalities: July 2003 to June 2017
Coates, L., Kaandorp, G., Harris, J., van Leeuwen, J., Avci, A., Evans, J., George, S., Gissing, A., van den Honert, R. & Haynes, K. Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

Methods in population study of orofacial injuries in Victorian family violence homicides
Reena Sarkar, Joan Ozanne-Smith and Richard Bassed.

A 100 year review of the evolution in neurosurgical thinking regarding compound depressed skull fractures
Adrian Kelly and Patrick Lekgwara.

An anthropological examination of the types of skeletal fractures resulting from fatal high (˃ 3 m) free falls
Rowbotham, S.K., Blau, S., Hislop-Jambrich, J., & Francis, V. Journal of Forensic Sciences

An assessment of the skeletal fracture patterns resulting from fatal high (˃ 3 m) free falls
Rowbotham, S.K., Blau, S., Hislop-Jambrich, J., & Francis, V. Journal of Forensic Sciences

An epidemiological analysis of prehospital fatal injuries in New Zealand: identifying opportunities for prevention
Lilley, R., Kool, B., de Graaf, B., David, G., Ameratunga, S., Reid, P., Civil, I., Dicker, B. & Branas, C. Injury Prevention

Applying a developmental lens to examine injury mortality in young people in Australia, 2001-2013
Seah, R. & Mitchell, R. J. Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Australian Domestic and Family Violence Death Review Network
Domestic Violence Death Review Team

Electrical injuries: hospitalisations and deaths, 2014-15 and 2015-16
Trovell, A., McKenna, K. & Harrison, J. E. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Cat. no: INJCAT 197

Fatal falls involving stairs: an anthropological analysis of skeletal trauma
Rowbotham, S.K., Blau, S., Hislop-Jambrich, J., & Francis, V. Forensic Science, Medicine, Pathology

Parent Representations in Filicide: An Interactionist Analysis
Sim, J. L-S. SSRN

Prehospital trauma death review in the State of Victoria, Australia: a study protocol
Mercier, E., Cameron, P. A., Smith, K. & Beck B. BMJ Open

PTSD in emergency service workers: When rescuers need rescuing
Cooper, J., Phelps, A. & Harvey, S. B. Medicine Today

Reviewing prehospital trauma deaths
Beck, B., Smith, K., Mercier, E. & Cameron, P. Injury Prevention

An analysis of human fatalities from cyclones, earthquakes and severe storms in Australia.
Coates, L., Haynes, K., Radford, D., D’Arcy, R., Smith, C., van den Honert, R., & Gissing, A. Report for the Bushfire and Natural Hazard Cooperative Research Centre

Characteristics of trauma mortality in the Northern Territory, Australia
McDermott, K. M.,Brearley, M. B., Hudson, S. M., Ward, L. & Read, D. J. Injury Epidemiology

Child injury surveillance capabilities in NSW: informing policy and practice
Mitchell, R., & Testa, L. Public Health Research & Practice

Clinical review of prehospital trauma deaths – The missing piece of the puzzle
Beck, B., Smith, K., Mercier, E., & Cameron, P. Injury

Head Impact Biomechanics of “King Hit” Assaults
Patton, D. A., & McIntosh, A. S. Handbook of Human Motion

Homicide in Australia 2012-13 to 2013-14: National Homicide Monitoring Program report
Bryant, W., & Bricknell, S. Australian Institute of Criminology

Major haemorrhage fatalities in the Australian national coronial database
Gipson, J. S., Wood, E. M., Cole‐Sinclair, M. F., McQuilten, Z., Waters, N. & Woodford, N. W. Emergency Medicine Australia

Preventable injury deaths: identifying opportunities to improve timeliness and reach of emergency healthcare services in New Zealand
Lilley, R., Kool, B., Davie, G., de Graaf, B., Ameratunga, S., Reid, P., Civil, I., Dicker, B., Branas, C. C. Injury Prevention

Prevention Through Design: A Concept Note for Preventing Accidents/Injuries to Construction Workers
Vigneshkumar, C., & Uma Maheswari, J. Industrial Safety Management

Skeletal Trauma Resulting From Fatal Low (<3 m) Free Falls: An Analysis of Fracture Patterns and Morphologies
Rowbotham, S. K., Blau, S., Hislop‐Jambrich, J., Francis, V.  Journal of Forensic Sciences

Association between Gun Law Reforms and Intentional Firearm Deaths in Australia 1979-2013. The Journal of the American Medical Association
Chapman, S., Alpers, P., & Jones, M. 2016

A systematic review of quantitative evidence about the impacts of Australian legislative reform on firearm homicide
McPhedran, S. Aggression and Violent Behaviour

Health State Preference Weights for the Glasgow Outcome Scale Following Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Mapping Study
Fuller, G. W., Hernandez, M., Pallot, D., Lecky, F., Stevenson, M., & Gabbe, B. Value In Health

Hospital admissions in the Hunter Region from trees and other falling objects, 2008-2012
Walsh, R. A., & Ryan. L. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Kings to Cowards: One-Punch Assaults
Schreiber, J., Williams, A., & Ranson, D. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics

The circumstances and characteristics of fatal falls in Victoria, Australia: a descriptive study
Rowbotham, S. & Blau, S. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences

Arson-Associated homicide in Australia: A five year follow-up
Ferguson, C., Doley, R., Watt, B., Lyneham, M. & Payne, J. Trends & Issues in crime and criminal justice

Causes of Fatal Accidents Involving Cranes in the Australian Construction Industry
Gharaie, E., Lingard, L., & Cooke, T. Journal of Construction Economics and Building

Homicide in Australia: 2010-11 to 2011-12: National Homicide Monitoring Program report
Bryant, W. & Cussen, T. Australian Institute of Criminology Monitoring Reports

Indigenous and non-Indigenous homicide in Australia
Cussen, T. & Bryant, W. Research in Practice, Australian Institute of Criminology Report No. 37

Mortality following traumatic brain injury inpatient rehabilitation.
Spitz, G., Downing, M., McKenzie, D. & Ponsford, J. Journal of Neurotrauma

An investigation of firesetting recidivism: Factors related to repeat offending
Ducat, L., McEwan, T.E., & Ogloff, J.RP. Legal and Criminal Psychology

“King hit” fatalities in Australia, 2000-2012: The role of alcohol and other drugs
Pilgrim, J. L., Gerostamoulos, D. & Drummer, O. H. Drug Alcohol Dependence

The burden of youth: major traumatic injury in adolescents and young people managed in the Australian Capital Territory
Ogilvie, R., Curtis, K., Lam, M., McCloughen, A & Foster, K. Journal of Trauma Nursing

A case study analysis of fatal incidents involving excavators in the Australian construction industry
Lingard, H., Cooke, T. & Gharaie, E. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management.

The how and why of plant‐related fatalities in the Australian construction industry.
Lingard, H., Cooke, T. & Gharaie, E. Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management.