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Tobacco smoking and mortality among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults in Australia
Thurber, KA. ,Banks, E., Joshy, G., Soga, K., Marmor, A., Benton, G., White, SL., Eades, S., Maddox, R., Calma, T., Lovett, R.  (international Journal of Epidemiology)

The use of cardiac valve procedures for rheumatic heart disease in Australia; a cross-sectional study 2002–2017
Bradshaw, PJ., Tohira, H., Marangou, J., Newman, M., Remenyi, B., Wade, V., Reid, C., Katzenellenbogen, J. (ScienceDirect)

Determining the prevalence of sudden and unexplained death in childhood (SUDC): a national Australian perspective
Duncan, JR., & Byard, RW. (Springer Link)

Chronic Kidney Disease in Tasmania: Protocol for a Data Linkage Study
Saunder, T., Kitsos, A., Radford, J., Jose, K., McKercher, C., Raj, R., Wiggins, N., Stokes, B., Jose, MD.
(JMIR Publications)

The role of overweight and obesity in adverse cardiovascular disease mortality trends: an analysis of multiple cause of death data from Australia and the USA
Adair, T., & Lopez, AD. (Springer Link)

Development and Evaluation of a Prediction Model for Ascertaining Rheumatic Heart Disease Status in Administrative Data
D Bond-Smith, R Seth, N de Klerk, L Nedkoff, M Anderson, J Hung, Jcannon, K Griffiths & JM Katzenellenbogen (Clinical Epidemiology – Dove Press)

Dental opioid prescribing rates after the up-scheduling of codeine in Australia
Teoh, L., Hollingworth, S., Marino, R & McCullough, MJ. (Nature)

Rates, characteristics and manner of cannabis-related deaths in Australia 2000-2018
Zahra, E., Darke, S., Degenhardt, L., & Campbell, G.  (ScienceDirect)

Widening inequalities in premature mortality in Australia, 2006-16
Adair, T., & Lopez, AD.  (Australian Population Studies)

Characteristic Histopathological Findings and Cardiac Arrest Rhythm in Isolated Mitral Valve Prolapse and Sudden Cardiac Death
Han, HC.,  Parsons, SA.,  Teh, AW.,  Sanders, P.,  Neil, C.,  Leong, T.,  Koshy, AN.,  Vohra, JK.,  Kalman, JM.,  Smith, K.,  O’Donnell, D.,  Hare, DL., Farouque, O.,  & Lim, HS.  (JAHA)

Fatal pulmonary thromboembolism: deep vein thrombosis incidence at coronial autopsy
Rivers-Kennedy, A., Van Den Heuvel, C., Byard, RW., Quill, R., & Langlois, N.  (The Journal of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia)

Potential Factors Related to Food Allergy Development
Soriano, VX., Ponsonby, AL., and Allen, KJ.  (Google Books)

The development of grading human decomposition: Total Body Scoring of decomposed human bodies in indoor settings
Hayman, J., & Oxenha, M.  (Google Books)

Retinopathy predicts stroke but not myocardial infarction in type 2 diabetes: the Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase II
Drinkwater, JJ., Davis, TME., Hellbusch, V. et al. (BMC)

Body mass index and fatal stroke in young adults: a national study
Darke, S., Duflou, J., Kaye, S., Farrell, M., & Lappin, J. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine

Epilepsy and seizure-related deaths: Mortality statistics do not tell the complete story
Panelli, R. & O’Brien, T. Epilepsy & Behavior

Geographical and population disparities in timely access to prehospital and advanced level emergency care in New Zealand: a cross-sectional study
Lilley, R., de Graaf, B., Kool, B., David, G., Reid, P., Dicker, B., Civil, I., Ameratunga, C. B. BMJ Open

Using the WHO International Classification of patient safety framework to identify incident characteristics and contributing factors for medical or surgical complication deaths
Mitchell, R., Faris, M., Lystad, R., Pulido, D. F., Norton, G., Baysari, M., Clay-Williams, R., Hibbert, P., Carson-Stevens, A. and Hughes, C. Applied Ergonomics

Epidemiology of Sepsis in cancer patients in Victoria, Australia: a population-based study using linked data
Luc T Marvelde, Ann Whitfield, Jennie Shepheard, Carla Read, Rodger L. Milne and Kathryn Whitfield.

Epilepsy and seizure-related deaths: Mortality statistics do not tell the complete story
Panelli RJ and O’Brien TJ.

Sex Differences and Gender Diversity in Stress Responses and Allostatic Load Among Workers and LGBT People
Robert-Paul Juster, Margot Barbosa De Torre, Phillippe Kerr, Sarah Kheloui, Mathias Rossi and Oliver Bourdon.

Angioedema in Australia: hospital admission rates and fatalities, 2000 – 2013
Mullins, R. J., Wainstein, B. K., Barnes, E. H. & Campbell, D. E. The Medical Journal of Australia

Fatal Stroke in Pregnancy and the Puerperium
Lappin, J. M., Darke, S., Duflou, J., Kaye, S. & Farrell, M. Stroke

Fatal Dialysis Vascular Access Hemorrhage
Jose, M. D., Marshall, M. R., Read, G., Lioufas, N., Ling, J., Snelling, P., Polkinghorne, K. R. American Journal of Kidney Diseases

Spatial variation in cancer incidence and survival over time across Queensland, Australia
Cramb, S. M., Moraga, P., Mengersen, K. L., & Baade, P. D. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology

Fatal Anaphylaxis: Mortality Rate and Risk Factors
Turner, P. J., Jerschow, E., Umasunthar, T., Lin, R., Campbell, D. E., & Boyle, R. J. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

ACT Asbestos Health Study: Data Linkage Study on the Risk of Mesothelioma and Other Cancers in Residents of Affected Properties in the ACT
Korda, R. J., Clements, M. S., Armstrong, B. K., Di Law, H., Guiver, T., Anderson, P. R., Trevenar, S. M., & Kirk, M. D. Australian National University.

Mortality and cancer incidence among male volunteer Australian firefighters
Glass, D. C., Del Monaco, A., Pircher, S., Vander Hoorn, S., & Sim, M. R. Occupational & Environmental Medicine

The association between A Body Shape Index and mortality: Results from an Australian cohort
Grant, J. F., Chittleborough, C. R., Shi, Z., & Taylor, A. W. PLoS ONE

Fatal Anaphylaxis: Mortality Rate and Risk Factors
Turner, P. J. Jerschow, E., Umasunthar, T., Lin, R., Campbell, D. E., Boyle, R. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice

Cancer in Australia 2017
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Spatio-temporal survival of breast and colorectal cancer in Queensland, Australia 2001-2011
Cramb, S., Mengerson, K., & Baade, P. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology

A prospective study of Sudden Cardiac Death among children and young adults
Bagnall, R. et al. The New England Journal of Medicine

Mortality and cancer incidence in a cohort of male paid Australian firefighters
Glass, D., Pircher, S., Del Monaco, A., Vander Hoorn, S., & Sim, M. Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Dental hospitalisation of Victorian children and young adults – prevalence, determinants, impacts and policy implications
Rogers, J. G. PhD thesis, University of Melbourne 

Mortality by Commonwealth Electrol Divisions in Australia
Clarke, P., Tew, M., McDonald, S., & Glover, J. Torrens University Australia and Centre for Health Policy

Estimation of the time since death in decomposed bodies found in Australian conditions
Hayman, J., & Oxenham, M. Australian Journal of Forensic Services

Selecting an appropriate reference sample for juvenile age estimation methods in a forensic context
Spake, L. Thesis, Simon Fraser University

A temporal Association between Accumulated Petrol (Gasoline) Lead Emissions and Motor Neuron Disease in Australia
Laidlaw, M., Rowe, D., Ball, A., & Mielke, H. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Suitability of the WHO 25 x 25 chronic disease targets & indicators for Australia (PDF)
Leung, J., and Tolhurst, P. Australian Health Policy Collaboration

The role of the law in communicating patient safety
Piper, D., Cockburn, T., Madden, B., Vines, P., & McIllwraith, J. Communicating Quality and Safety in Health Care 2015, Cambridge University Press, Chapter 23.

Comparison of the Victorian Audit of Surgical Mortality with coronial cause of death
Beiles, B., Hansen, D., Retegan, C., Woodford, N., & Vinluan, J. ANZ Journal of Surgery

Gynaecological laparoscopy deaths in Australia
Lawson, G. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Data Linkage Capabilities in Australia: practical issues identified by a Population Health Research Network ‘Proof of Concept Project’
Mitchell, R. J., Cameron, C. M. & McClure, R. J. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.

Children’s Rights Report 2014
Australian Human Rights Commission

Improvement in the prehospital recognition of tension pneumothorax: The effect of a change to paramedic guidelines and education
Cantwell, K., Burgess, S., Patrick, I., Niggemeyer, L., Fitzgerald, M., Cameron, P., Jones, C. and Pascoe, D. Injury

Asthma mortality in Australia in the 21st century: A case series analysis.
Goeman, D. P., Abramson, M. J., McCarthy, E. A., Zubrinich, C. M. & Douglass, J. A. BMJ Open