Farm and workplace death research publications using NCIS data are listed here. Find out if you are eligible to apply for access or request data


Protecting the future: Fatal incidents on Australian farms involving children (2001-2019)
Kerri-Lynn Peachey, Tony Lower & Margaret Rolfe (National Library of Medicine)

RSHA03 Identifying and prioritising WHS overlaps across the Agriculture and Fisheries Sectors
(AgHealth Australia)

Other workplace

Decade of fatal injuries in workers in New Zealand
Rebbecca Lilley., Brett Maclennan., Bronwen M McNoe., Gabrielle Davie., Simon Horsburgh & Tim Driscoll (BMJ Journals)

Work-related injury fatalities – Key WHS statistics Australia 2020
Safe Work Australia

Other workplace

Identifying opportunities to prevent work-related fatal injury in New Zealand using 40 years of coronial records: protocol for a retrospective case review study
Lilley R., McNoe, B., David, G., Horsburg, S., Maclennan, B. & Driscoll, T. Injury Epidemiology


A review of Australian farm tractor fatalities 2001-2016
Lower, T. & Temperley, J. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment

ATVs and agriculture: A review of the literature
Neves, H., Brazile, W. & Gilkey, D. P. ACTA Scientific Agriculture

Farm safety – Time to act
Lower, T. & Temperly, J. Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Large agricultural vehicles on roads in Australia
Franklin, R. C., King, J. C. & Miller, L. National Farmers’ Federation

Other workplace

Key work health and safety statistics Australia 2018
Safe Work Australia

Work-related injury fatalities – Key WHS statistics Australia 2018
Safe Work Australia

Work-related traumatic injury fatalities Australia 2017
Safe Work Australia


Fatal Incidents in Australia’s Older Farmers (2001-2015)
Monaghan, N., Lower, T., & Rolfe, M. Journal of Agromedicine

Financial considerations for Health and Safety in the Australian Dairy Industry
Lower, T., & Pollock, K. Journal of Agromedicine

Non-intentional farm injury fatalities in New South Wales, 2001-2015
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Public Health Research & Practice

Towards a harmonised approach to reducing quad-related fatal injuries in Australia and New Zealand: a cross-sectional comparative analysis
Lilley, R., Lower, T., & Davie, G. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Trends and patterns in non-intentional injury in Australian agriculture
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health

Trends and Patterns in Unintentional Injury Fatalities in Australian Agriculture
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health


Quad Bikes in South Australia- an investigation of their use, crash characteristics and associated injury risks (CASR134)
Wundersitz, LN., Doecke, SD., Raftery, SJ., & Harrison, J. Safework SA

Quads, Farmers 50+ Years of Age, and Safety in Australia
Lower, T., Monaghan, N., & Rolfe, M. Safety


Mapping Work Health and Safety Risks in the Primary Industries
Lower, T. Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership

Other workplace

Work-related fatal injury among young persons in Australia, July 2000–June 2007
Ehsani, J. P., McNeilly, B., Ibrahim, J. E. & Ozanne-Smith, J. Safety Science