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Deaths due to thermal injury from cigarette smoking in a 13‐year national cohort of nursing home residents
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Coroners’ recommendations for prevention of resident deaths in aged care: ‘The role of primary care providers’
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Health and care related risk factors for suicide among nursing home residents: A data linkage study
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Suicide among nursing home residents in Australia: A national population‐based retrospective analysis of medico‐legal death investigation information
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Unexplained absence resulting in deaths of nursing home residents in Australia – A 13-year retrospective study
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Variations in death notification of nursing home residents to Australian Coroners
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A greater risk of premature death in residential respite care: a national cohort study
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Deaths from Resident-to-Resident Aggression in Australian Nursing Homes
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Frequency and nature of coroners’ recommendations from injury-related deaths among nursing home residents: a retrospective national cross-sectional study
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Frequency of forensic toxicological analysis in external cause deaths among nursing home residents: an analysis of trends
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Physical restraint deaths in a 13-year national cohort of nursing home residents.
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Premature deaths of nursing home residents: an epidemiological analysis
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Health and Wellbeing of Older Persons in the Australian Capital Territory.
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Suicide in older people: Revisioning new approaches
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Deaths of Older Australians related to their use of motorised mobility scooters
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The Nature and Extent of External Cause Deaths Among Nursing Home Residents in Victoria, Australia
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