The NCIS New Zealand Mortality data series examines closed case external cause deaths due to injury, drug contribution and intentional self-harm reported to a New Zealand coroner. The series provides yearly data on each type of death to enable comparisons over time.

About the data

The NCIS New Zealand Mortality data series is published annually. The series for deaths reported in 2019 is due for release in mid-2022.

For public access to New Zealand coronial recommendations, see the Coronial Services of New Zealand website.

Data sources

Data for these fact sheets was obtained from the NCIS. The data sets contain external cause deaths reported to a New Zealand coroner between 1 January and 31 December of the relevant calendar year where the coronial investigation had concluded. Population data was sourced from Statistics New Zealand. See explanatory notes for information on data sources and limitations. For further data, request a data report.

Reporting on suicide

Any reproduction or reporting on this fact sheet or the data contained within it should be aligned with the guidelines provided by Mindframe regarding reporting of suicide.


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