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Protecting the future: Fatal incidents on Australian farms involving children (2001-2019)
Kerri-Lynn Peachey, Tony Lower & Margaret Rolfe (National Library of Medicine)

Decade of fatal injuries in workers in New Zealand
Rebbecca Lilley., Brett Maclennan., Bronwen M McNoe., Gabrielle Davie., Simon Horsburgh & Tim Driscoll (BMJ Journals)

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Identifying opportunities to prevent work-related fatal injury in New Zealand using 40 years of coronial records: protocol for a retrospective case review study
Lilley R., McNoe, B., David, G., Horsburg, S., Maclennan, B. & Driscoll, T. Injury Epidemiology


A review of Australian farm tractor fatalities 2001-2016
Lower, T. & Temperley, J. Journal of Health, Safety and Environment

ATVs and agriculture: A review of the literature
Neves, H., Brazile, W. & Gilkey, D. P. ACTA Scientific Agriculture

Farm safety – Time to act
Lower, T. & Temperly, J. Health Promotion Journal of Australia

Large agricultural vehicles on roads in Australia
Franklin, R. C., King, J. C. & Miller, L. National Farmers’ Federation

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Key work health and safety statistics Australia 2018
Safe Work Australia

Work-related injury fatalities – Key WHS statistics Australia 2018
Safe Work Australia

Work-related traumatic injury fatalities Australia 2017
Safe Work Australia


Fatal Incidents in Australia’s Older Farmers (2001-2015)
Monaghan, N., Lower, T., & Rolfe, M. Journal of Agromedicine

Financial considerations for Health and Safety in the Australian Dairy Industry
Lower, T., & Pollock, K. Journal of Agromedicine

Non-intentional farm injury fatalities in New South Wales, 2001-2015
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Public Health Research & Practice

Towards a harmonised approach to reducing quad-related fatal injuries in Australia and New Zealand: a cross-sectional comparative analysis
Lilley, R., Lower, T., & Davie, G. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Trends and patterns in non-intentional injury in Australian agriculture
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health

Trends and Patterns in Unintentional Injury Fatalities in Australian Agriculture
Lower, T., Rolfe, M., & Monaghan, N. Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health


Quad Bikes in South Australia- an investigation of their use, crash characteristics and associated injury risks (CASR134)
Wundersitz, LN., Doecke, SD., Raftery, SJ., & Harrison, J. Safework SA

Quads, Farmers 50+ Years of Age, and Safety in Australia
Lower, T., Monaghan, N., & Rolfe, M. Safety


Mapping Work Health and Safety Risks in the Primary Industries
Lower, T. Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership

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Work-related fatal injury among young persons in Australia, July 2000–June 2007
Ehsani, J. P., McNeilly, B., Ibrahim, J. E. & Ozanne-Smith, J. Safety Science