Drowning and water related research publications and reports using NCIS data are listed here. Find out if you are eligible to apply for access or request data.

Alcohol and its contributory role in fatal drowning in Australian rivers, 2002-2012.
Peden, A. E., Franklin, R. C., Leggat, A. P. & Aitken, P. Accident Analysis and Prevention

An overview of fatal, unintentional drowning in publicly accessible swimming pools in Australia.
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Coast Safe Report 2018.
Surf Life Saving Queensland

Exploring visitation at rivers to understand drowning risk.
Peden, A. E., Franklin, R. C. & Leggat, A. P. Injury Prevention

National Coastal Safety Report 2018.
Surf Life Saving Australia

Understanding lapses in supervision of children 0–4 years who drowned in Australia.
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Causal Pathways of Flood Related River Drowning Deaths in Australia
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Chronic Conditions and Drowning: Be Safe! AAP Grand Rounds.
Bratton, S. L.

Drowning fatalities in childhood: the role of pre-existing medical conditions
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Exploring the circumstances surrounding flood fatalities in Australia – 1900 – 2015 and the implications for policy and practice
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In the Drink: A Review of Morbidity and Mortality Associated with Water-Related Activities in the Top End region, Northern Territory, Australia
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Preventing river drowning deaths: Lessons from coronial recommendations
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Reducing The Burden of Non-Fatal Drowning: Symposium Declaration (PDF).
Scarr, J., Peden, A. E., & Mahony, A.

Understanding Contributing Factors to Child Drownings in Public Pools in Australia: a Review of National Coronial Records
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Using a retrospective cross-sectional study to analyse unintentional fatal drowning in Australia: ICD-10 coding-based methodologies verses actual deaths
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Unintentional fatal child drowning in the bath: A 12-year Australian review (2002-2014)
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Alcohol and its contributory role in fatal drowning in Australian rivers 2002-2012.
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An analysis of human fatalities from floods in Australia 1900-2015
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International travelers and unintentional fatal drowning in Australia- a 10 year review 2002-2012
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The Hidden Tragedy of Rivers: A Decade of Unintentional Fatal Drowning in Australia.
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National Drowning Report 2014
Royal Surf Life Saving

The role of evidence, standards and education in rock fishing safety in New South Wales, Australia
Mitchell, R. J., Ware, L. & Bambach, M. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health     

The National Coastal Safety Report (2014)
Surf Life Saving Australia

WA Coastal Safety Report – Saving Lives and Building Great Communities 2014
Surf Life Saving Western Australia

Rip current related drowning deaths and rescues in Australia 2004-2011
Brighton, B.,  Sherker, S., Brander, R.,  Thompson, M. & Bradstreet, A. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences