A coroner may make recommendations following an investigation that relate to public health and safety to help prevent similar deaths in the future.

Fatal facts is a unique NCIS service providing access to coronial recommendations from across all Australian states and territories.

Fatal facts contains cases closed by a coroner from 2000. The NCIS Unit is currently preparing cases closed from 2017 onwards.

Fatal facts search

Fatal facts search is a tool to help you find coronial recommendations.


Fatal facts editions

Coronial recommendations: Fatal facts editions contain summaries of cases with coronial recommendations made by an Australian state or territory coroner within a three-month period.

New Zealand cases are not included from edition 37 onwards. New Zealand coronial recommendations are published by Coronial Services of New Zealand.

The following special editions contain coronial recommendations relating to specific topics of interest where the case was closed by a coroner between 2008 and 2010.

Edition 24: Deaths of children in care/children identified at risk (PDF)

Published May 2014

Edition 23: Deaths in police presence and mental health services (PDF)

Published February 2013

Edition 22: Deaths in police custody or during police pursuit (PDF)

Published May 2012

Edition 21: Deaths related to quad bikes (PDF)

Published March 2011

Edition 20: Deaths in custody (PDF)

Published March 2009

Earlier editions are available upon request.