Current users, with approved access, can request NCIS data extracts.


To request a data extract you must be an NCIS user with authorised access. If you are not an authorised NCIS user, you can request a data report for statistical de-identified data.

Available data

The NCIS can provide data extracts, for current users with approved access permissions, of data fields that are not available for export directly from the Query Design, Coroner’s Screen, or External Code search interfaces. Data extracts may include identifying or demographic details, including the following data fields:

  • Name of the deceased
  • Date of birth
  • Street-level address information
  • Geographic data on the incident and residential locations, such as longitude, latitude and statistical boundaries not held in the NCIS database (such as Primary Health Networks)
  • Specific notification/incident/death time
  • Attachment status of documents (coronial findings, autopsy report, police narrative and toxicology)

PDF extracts

Bulk extraction of attached PDF documents may be available. If you require an extract of PDF documents, contact us to discuss your needs and request a quote. PDF extract requests will be individually assessed for feasibility. Additional fees apply for the extract of PDF documents.

Request a data extract

To request a data extract, contact us and provide a list of relevant cases for which the data fields are requested.

Alternatively, if you are experiencing difficulty identifying cases or returning data fields not listed here, contact us for advice or assistance.

Contact or contact us on  1300 395 723 (Aus only) +61 3 9094 2303 (international)