On request, the NCIS can prepare data reports presenting aggregate, statistical data based on the specifications of the request. Topics of past data reports have included the number of drowning fatalities of children in pools or drug-related deaths of medical practitioners. Data reports do not contain identifying information and the NCIS reserves the right to group certain data breakdowns to ensure the information is sufficiently de-identified.

The release of all data reports is subject to the approval of the relevant State or Chief Coroner. The NCIS will facilitate the approval process on behalf of the requestor.

Data reports may be requested by organisations and the media. To request a data report, please complete the data request form below.

On receiving the request form, the NCIS will assess the request and contact you to clarify any information and to discuss the process.

Upon finalisation of the request, the NCIS will provide you with a quote for the data report. The data report service is charged at an hourly rate of $165 (inc GST). The fee covers the cost for the time taken to identify, prepare, collate and analyse the data. In the event that data is unable to be provided, the NCIS will notify the requesting party as soon as possible and any fees pertaining to work undertaken on the request will be waived.

Once acceptance of the quote has been received in writing, there is a minimum three week turnaround for the delivery of the data report. This includes the time taken to conduct searches of the database, manually review cases, compile the data into a report and seek the requisite approvals prior to releasing the information. The final report will be delivered as a PDF.

For further information and assistance, please contact the NCIS.

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Please note: Australian data is available from July 2000 with the exception of Queensland data, which is available from January 2001. New Zealand data is available from July 2007.

The NCIS can provide national and jurisdictional specific coronial data for inclusion in data reports. The most recent data for inclusion is up to and including 31 December 2016.



Search parameters

Please provide a specific description of the types of death you require information about.

For example: “I am interested in suicide deaths of men aged 45 years and older. I am only interested in cases where the deceased died at a residential location type (such as a home or caravan park), where the method utilised was hanging.”

Table breakdowns

Please select the specific table breakdowns of information that you require about this type of death.

Year of notificationJurisdiction of investigationSexAge rangeIntent of the deceasedAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status (Australia) / Ethnicity (NZ)Employment statusMarital statusIncident location typeMechanism of fatal injuryGeocoded address information (Australia only)

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Please specify any other table breakdowns (e.g. firearm type for firearm-related fatalities) or other inclusions (e.g. de-identified case summaries) required.

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Please provide a specific explanation of how the data will be utilised. Please specify if it is for internal use only or if it is intended to be made public and if so how.

For example: “The data provided will be included in a report regarding the prevalence of firearm-related fatalities produced by the [organisation] for provision to the [Minister]. The report will present and evaluate different regulatory options for reducing the incidence of unintentional firearm deaths.”

The explanation provided here is submitted to the State and Chief Coroners of the relevant jurisdiction for their consideration.

Release of the report will only be approved on the basis of the information provided.

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The data will only be used for internal information and reporting within my organisation.


The data may be published in the public domain and/or shared with other organisations.

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Coronial approval will only be granted on the basis of your information provided.