Data reports may contain aggregate, statistical information and de-identified case summaries.

Identifying details and attached case documentation are not available through the data report service. See data access for further information.

Making a request

To request a data report, submit the form below, providing as much relevant detail as possible.

Your request may be eligible where all of the following criteria are met:

  • The request is received from an organisation with a bona fide interest in death and injury prevention.
  • The intended use of the data will meaningfully contribute to death and injury prevention in the community.
  • The data will not be used for personal or legal purposes.

The NCIS Unit will assess your request and contact you to discuss.


The minimum data report service fee is A$450 (excl GST). Additional work is charged at an hourly rate of A$150 (excl GST).

The fee covers the cost for the time taken to identify, analyse and collate the data, and varies dependent upon the complexity of the request. The NCIS Unit will provide you with a quote for the data report including a breakdown of costs.


The release of all data reports is subject to the approval of the relevant State or Chief Coroner(s). The NCIS Unit will facilitate this approval process on your behalf.

In the event that the report is unable to be provided, the NCIS Unit will notify you as soon as possible and any fees pertaining to the request will be waived.

The NCIS Unit reserves the right to suppress figures and group certain data breakdowns to ensure the information is sufficiently de-identified.

Timeline and delivery

Work on the report will commence upon acceptance of the quote. There is a minimum four week turnaround for data report delivery. This includes the time taken to conduct searches of the database, manually review cases (if requested), compile the data into a report and seek coronial approval.

If this timeline does not suit your requirements, the following resources are publicly available and may contain information of interest to you:

The final report will be delivered as a PDF.

For further information, contact

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    Request detail

    Provide a description of the type of data you are interested in. This could include a specific type of fatality, such as drug-related deaths. Include any specific table breakdowns of interest.

    I am interested in the following statistical tables (where applicable):

    Year of death notificationJurisdiction of investigationSexAge rangeIntent of the deceased
    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status (Australia) / Ethnicity (NZ)Employment statusMarital statusIncident location typeMechanism of fatal injury


    There are two levels of data provided through this service: national data for both Australia and New Zealand or Australian state and territory data.

    Select the data you are interested in:

    AustraliaNew ZealandAustralia and New Zealand
    New South WalesVictoriaQueenslandSouth AustraliaWestern AustraliaTasmaniaNorthern TerritoryAustralian Capital Territory

    Date range

    The NCIS contains Australian data from July 2000 (Queensland from January 2001) and New Zealand data from July 2007.

    Australian national data is currently available up to and including 31 December 2019. Some state level data may be available up to and including 31 December 2020. New Zealand national data is currently available up to and including 31 December 2018.

    Select the time period you would like data for:

    Most recent 5 years availableMost recent ten years availableSpecific dates


    Use of data

    Explain how the data will be used and how it will contribute to a reduction in preventable death and injury. Be specific in your explanations. If you intend to publish or share the data, indicate the context in which this will occur.

    Select either:

    The data will be used for internal information and reporting within my organisation only.

    The data may be published in the public domain and/or shared with other organisations.

    Data report requested by

    The usual minimum turnaround time is four weeks from the date of quote acceptance. Indicate when you would like to receive the report.

    Four weeks
    Specific date (specify):

    If you have not received an acknowledgement email from the NCIS Unit within two business days, please call or email us on the contact details below.