Media organisations may request information via the NCIS data report service. The release of all data reports is subject to the approval of the relevant State/Chief Coroner(s).

What we can provide

The NCIS data report service can provide media outlets:

  • Non-identifying statistics on certain types of death. For example, opioid-related deaths or deaths due to intentional self-harm
  • Non-identifying summaries of cases and any associated coronial recommendations
  • National data for Australia and New Zealand, as well as data for specific jurisdictions

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What we can’t provide

  • Identifying information. For example, the name of the deceased or their residential address
  • Comment on individual deaths, perceived mortality trends or estimates of death figures
  • The status of finalised or ongoing coronial investigations
  • Access to coronial documentation, including inquest findings. To request documentation in relation to a specific case, contact the relevant Coroners Court directly
  • Non-fatal injury data

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Alternative resources are available: