An average of 34 household maintenance-related deaths are reported in Australia every year, according to an updated fact sheet released by the National Coronial Information System (NCIS) Unit today.

The fact sheet, Household maintenance-related deaths in Australia, examines all closed case external cause deaths reported to an Australian coroner between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2018 where the activity at the time of the fatal incident was household maintenance.

The fact sheet reviewed the circumstances of 608 deaths reported in Australia and made a number of key findings, including:

  • Males were significantly over represented, comprising nine in every 10 deaths (92.6%).
  • Older males were at greatest risk, with males aged 75 years and over comprising over one third (36.1%) of all household maintenance-related deaths.
  • The most common activities resulting in death were roof maintenance (100 deaths), gutter maintenance (73 deaths) and electrical or lighting works (58 deaths).
  • Deaths were most frequently the result of a fall (74.1%, or 435 deaths). Falls from ladders (203 deaths) and roofs or balconies (105 deaths) were most common.
  • Other common causes of fatal injury included electrocution and drowning (49 and 35 deaths, respectively).

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