How to access data

There are four ways in which interested parties can access NCIS data:

1- Applying for direct system access
2- Requesting a statistical data report
3- Applying for on-provision of data
4- Data Extract Service

Please note that direct access is available only to organisations with a specific role or interest in public health and safety.  Private organisations, media or members of the public are not eligible for direct system access.

Media requests for statistical data

Media organisations requesting statistical data for publication are required to contact the Department of Justice Strategic Communciations Branch on 03 8684 0324.

Please note, the provision of data for publication takes up to three weeks and is subject to coronial approval for release.

1. Applying for direct system access


Direct system access permits authorised users to log into the NCIS and view case material via an online interface.

The access rules have been determined by the State and Chief Coroners of participating jurisdictions, and have been endorsed by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General.  The rules provide for two levels of access to completed cases:

  • Level 1: Access to all data related to closed cases (including case reports where available); and
  • Level 2: Access to non-identifying data.

All applications for online access require approval by the NCIS Research Committee (NRC) and the Victorian Department of Justice Human Research Ethics Committee (JHREC).

If you are seeking Level 1 access to Western Australian or Victorian data, additional applications must be considered by the Western Australian Coronial Ethics Committee (WACEC), and Coroner’s Court of Victoria Research Committee (CCOV RC).  These requirements have been stipulated by the State Coroners of these jurisdictions.

Copies of the relevant application forms are available from the Research Ethics Committee website, or from the NCIS Access Liaison Officer at

Before completing the application forms, it is advised that you read the NCIS Information Sheet, Data Definitions and >Research Ethics Committee Guidelines.

If your organisation has an ethics/research committee, you must first obtain approval from them before submitting an application to the NCIS.

The time frame for obtaining NCIS access (NRC, JHREC, WACEC and CCOV if required) generally ranges from 8 weeks onwards.

Conditions of Access

Authorised Users of the NCIS will be required to enter into an Access Agreement that governs the use of NCIS data; one of the terms of this Agreement is compliance of the NCIS Privacy Protocols.

One requirement outlined within the Access Agreement relates to notification of any identified Issues of Concern to Public Health or Safety. Access the guidelines and the reporting form here.

An annual online access fee will apply.

Who to contact

All applications to the NCIS are co-ordinated by the NCIS Access Liaison Officer.  For further details and assistance with your application, please contact:

Jessica Bryan, NCIS Access Officer
65 Kavanagh Street
Ph: +61 3 9684 4323

NCIS Closing dates for application submission 2017



2. Requesting a statistical data report


Statistical data from the NCIS can be requested for parties who need straight forward frequency data (eg. how many child deaths involved drowning on a farm) on an ad-hoc basis.  There is a charge for this service (at the hourly rate of $165, GST inclusive) which covers the time taken to perform the search and collate the results.

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties and the relevant State or Territory Coroners Office to which the data relates, the data supplied will not contain identifying information, and may require coronial approval to release.

Please fill out and return your completed >data request form to the NCIS via email to, or post it to:

National Coronial Information System
65 Kavanagh St,
Southbank VIC 3006

We will assess your request and contact you to discuss whether the requested data can be provided. Please note that the data request form uses Adobe Acrobat form fields.  If the PDF software that you are using does not display forms, please download the legacy data request form >here

For further information and assistance, please contact the NCIS Administration Officer:

Caitlin Ring
Ph: 03 9684 4442

3. Applying for on-provision of data

Organisations can now apply to the NCIS Unit as Providing Agencies for the release (on-provision) of NCIS-sourced data to external parties.

Providing Agencies may be current subscribers of NCIS for their own research or organisational purposes, or may be applying as new agencies for the sole purpose of data on-provision.

Providing Agencies must have assessment processes in place to ensure that NCIS sourced data remains secure, and will be on-provided to receiving agencies for research or statistical purposes only.

Applications for data on-provision are subject to approval by the NCIS Unit and NCIS Board of Management.

Applications for data on-provision are available >here, and the Applicant Declaration form is found here.

Please ensure you refer to the Definitions and Application and Approval Process prior to submitting your forms to the NCIS Unit.

For more information or assistance on data on-provision and the application process, please contact

Jessica Bryan, NCIS Access Officer
National Coronial Information System
65 Kavanagh Street, Southbank VIC 3006
Phone (03) 9684-4323

 4. Data Extract Service

Approved Authorised Users of the NCIS can also request Data Extracts for data fields that are not available through the Query Design, Coroner’s Screen or External Code search interfaces.  These include data fields such as geographic data, name of the deceased, and ICD-10 codes.  For more information please read the Data Extract Service Information Sheet.

For more information or assistance with data extracts, please contact

Jessica Bryan, NCIS Access Officer
National Coronial Information System
65 Kavanagh Street, Southbank VIC 3006
Phone (03) 9684-4323