Quality review activities

The quality assurance process is only applied to cases where the case is closed on the NCIS (indicating the death investigation has been completed by the Coroner).

At different points in the Quality Assurance Process, different flags will be applied to the case to identify what stage in the QA process the case is at. This prevents any additional uploads to overwrite data once the case has commenced being reviewed:

Y = case has been reviewed and has been accepted as an appropriately coded case

P = this case is currently undergoing quality review

J = this case has been rejected, as a quality issue has been identified and it has been included in a quality assurance report sent back to the originating jurisdiction for correction and resubmission.

R = this case has been through the above process, and has been resubmitted from the jurisdiction. It will then be reviewed to ensure the requested coding changes have been made.

There are several mechanisms used to maximise the quality of the data on the NCIS:

1. in built validation rules and controlled field values

2. review by NCIS Quality Team

3. issues identified by users