Quality objectives

Quality objectives

  • Maintain systematic quality analysis and monitoring.
  • Provide coder training.
  • Review and update NCIS coding support documents – Data Dictionary, Coding Manual and User Guide
  • Provide coding assistance.
  • Review coding classification framework and ensure the codesets reflect current international standards and concepts.
  • Establish and maintain contacts within jurisdictions.
  • Examine and remedy (where possible) inconsistent practices across jurisdictions.

Dimensions of data quality


  • Completeness

Verification that all mandatory data fields are complete.

  • Comprehensiveness

Verification that the coding gives a complete representation of who, when, where, how and why the deceased was injured and died.

  • Relevance

Verification that only mechanisms, objects, modes of transport etc. which contributed to the death are coded.

  • Reliability

Verification of consistency in national coding, ensuring all jurisdictions are comparable.

  • Validity

Verification that coding is a true reflection of the case file, reports and coroners findings.

  • Contemporary

Verification that the status of each case is appropriate (all completed cases reported as closed)

Consistency of source documents


The data entered into the NCIS is collected from source material such as the police report of death, autopsy reports, toxicology reports and coronial findings. It is acknowledged that quality and consistency of these documents may vary between and within each jurisdiction. It is also noted that the primary intention of these documents is for death investigation purposes in order to find the circumstances and cause of death. As a result there may be limitations when these documents are applied for public health use.

There are also differences between jurisdictions as to legislation governing the reporting of a death to a coroner, which can impact on the type, quality and quantity of the information collected and reported by each jurisdiction. This will also impact on the information available in the NCIS.