Coding support and guidelines

The NCIS Quality team utilises a variety of techniques to communicate advice and updates to coders:

1. NCIS Coding Newsletter

A NCIS Coding Newsletter is produced:

  • quarterly;
  • when important information needs to be disseminated; OR
  • at times of catastrophic events resulting in multiple coronial cases (such as Tsunami).

May 2017 – Coding Tips

This newsletter covers how to code the date(s) and time(s) for a case, the location for drowning fatalities, when to use the “Other Place of Occurrence” location code, and what case type and intent should be coded for SUDI cases. It also provides an update on recent activities at the NCIS.

Coding Tips - Coding Alcohol and Drug Related Deaths

Guidance for coding the contribution of alcohol and/or drugs for deaths reported to the NCIS. Includes examples for coding and sequencing.

 2. NCIS Coder Training

NCIS Coder Training has been conducted in all jurisdictions. Relevant staff attend a two day session that provided trainees with detailed information and explanation relating to many of the NCIS data fields as well as assisted data entry of real coronial cases.

Additional training sessions are conducted as required. Any jurisdiction requiring training should contact the NCIS Quality Team.

 3. NCIS Coding Help

Advice or information can be sought from the NCIS Quality Team via email or phone during business hours.

In addition, there are two main documents which provide coding guidance: