What does the NCIS Unit do?

The NCIS provides a valuable hazard identification and death prevention tool for coroners, government and researchers by providing the ability to review previous coronial cases, enhancing their capability to identify and recommend activities to reduce systematic hazards within the community.

The NCIS Unit manages and maintains the NCIS database. The services that are provided by the NCIS Unit are :

  • operation and maintenance of NCIS, including all hardware systems and software infrastructure;
  • collection and storage of data on NCIS;
  • providing access to data;
  • providing training and support;
  • auditing of access to data;
  • conducting quality assurance of data;
  • ongoing development and improvement of data quality and the operation of  NCIS;
  • data analysis, interpretation and reporting, including information alert services;
  • providing and maintaining local case management systems for coronial offices in certain jurisdictions; and
  • promoting the NCIS.