The NCIS Board of Management oversees the operations of the NCIS to ensure the effective and efficient management of funds, develops and monitors its strategic direction, and ensures that all legal and financial responsibilities are met.

The Board is comprised of representatives from each Australian State/Territory Justice Department and the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, a State/Chief Coroner representative and a public health representative.

The Victorian Department of Justice & Regulation manages the operations of the NCIS on behalf of the Board of Management.  The NCIS team sits within the Service Strategy Reform division within the Strategic Planning business unit of the Department, and the NCIS Director is also the Director of this Unit.

An NCIS Advisory Committee provides high level independent expertise, advice, information and assistance to the NCIS Director and the Board about technical and methodological issues associated with injury data systems as well as coronial and forensic practices. The Committee has an advisory role only, and does not have any decision making ability. It consists of representatives from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, epidemiologists with experience in Injury Data Systems, and coronial and forensic organisations.