About NCIS

The National Coronial Information System (NCIS)is a data storage, retrieval, analysis, interpretation and dissemination system for coronial information. It enables coroners, their staff, public sector agencies, researchers and other agencies to access coronial data to inform death and injury prevention activities. It contains data about deaths reported to an Australian coroner from July 2000*, and to a New Zealand coroner from July 2007**, and is an initiative of the Australasian Coroners Society. The NCIS is managed by the Victorian Department of Justice on behalf of a Board of Management, and is based at the Coronial Services Centre in Southbank, Victoria. * Queensland data from 1 January 2001 ** New Zealand data available for closed cases only. Rocks  


The idea for the development of a national database of coronial information had been discussed among Australian Coroners since the early 1990’s. Read more


The NCIS is currently funded by Australian Federal and State government agencies and the New Zealand government.  These funding agencies are: Read more


The NCIS governance structure comprises a Board of Management with an advisory group providing input on data management issues. Read more


A number of organisations and government agencies have utilised the NCIS to obtain valuable information. Feedback from several of them is available here

Corporate publications

NCIS brochure, annual reports, business and strategic plans, and NCIS News editions are available online. Read more

What does the NCIS Unit do?

The NCIS provides a valuable hazard identification and death prevention tool for coroners by providing the ability to review previous coronial cases, enhancing their capability to identify and recommend activities to reduce systematic hazards within the community. Read more