System manuals

Data dictionary

The NCIS data dictionary provides a comprehensive listing of all the NCIS data fields. It was originally developed by members of the Research Centre for Injury Studies (RCIS) at Flinders University, as a contribution to the development and implementation of the NCIS. The data dictionary was revised in 2007 and most recently in July 2014 by the NCIS Quality Assurance Manager, to reflect enhancements made to the NCIS interface and codesets. The Data Dictionary is intended as a reference manual for persons involved in the entry, use and analysis of information contained in the system. This includes those managing the NCIS, coronial office staff, coroners and third party users.

NCIS Coding Manual

The Coding Manual provides a step-by-step explanation for the coding and completion of a selection of data fields. This manual is designed for clerks in coronial offices completing data entry and accordingly contains practical instructions, examples of specific scenarios and guidelines for the entry of more complex and difficult core data items.

Practical Tips for Using the NCIS

Practical Tips For Using The NCIS provides users with a guide on how to construct searches and find cases on the NCIS.