Implementation Status of National Police Form

Implementation Status of National Police Form  (As at February 2013)

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT police form is currently being electronically completed and provided to the ACT Coroners Court. The data from this form is automatically uploaded into the Courts local case management system and the appropriate fields from this form are transferred and stored in the NCIS.

New South Wales

NSW has implemented a police form which is electronically completed and transferred to NSW Coroners Office. Fields to accommodate data from the form (including the suspected suicide section) have been added into the new NSW Coroners Court system (launched in December 2011) yet the population of these fields from the forms are yet to be automated.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory’s Police Form is not in an electronic format and they have not adopted the “National Police Form” structure at this time.


QLD has implemented a police form which is electronically completed and transferred to the QLD Coroners Office The NCIS Unit has been working with the Coroners’ Office and QLD Police to determine the feasibility of automatic data upload into NCIS from the electronic police form. Funds to perform this automated upload have recently been obtained.

South Australia

South Australia released a new version of their Police Form in 2008.  While this form is currently being delivered in paper format to the Coroner’s Court by police, the ability for electronic delivery exists. No work as to the automated upload of this information into local case management systems or the NCIS has commenced.


Tasmania released a new and expanded version of their form in late 2011.  This form is available electronically. Funds to perform an automated upload of data  the electronic police form have recently been obtained.


A new version of the Victorian Police Form (Form 83) with fields from has been drafted in consultation with a number of stakeholders. It is understood this form will be electronically implemented during 2013.

Western Australia

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) of WA has recently completed a review of the Coroner’s Court[1] (tabled on 23/2/12) and one of the recommendations (28) is that they adopt a version of the national police form after consultation with key stakeholders.