Data from other sources

The NCIS also contains ICD-10 codes provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and codes pertaining to work related deaths from Safe Work Australia.

ICD -10 Cause of Death Codes

The International Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems (Tenth Revision) (ICD-10) is the classification system used by the ABS to code cause of death.

The extensive nature of ICD enables classification of causes of death at various levels of detail. The underlying cause of death is coded, as are a maximum of 20 multiple causes.

Note: the underlying cause of death will also appear within the multiple causes section.

Information about ICD-10 codes and the classification structure can be downloaded from the World Health Organisation website.

To determine the proportion of ICD10 codes available for NCIS see Operational Statistics.

Work Related Death Codes

Safe Work Australia (and its previous iterations) assigns a variety of codes to deaths which are work related according to the Safe Work Australia definition.  The Safe Work Australia definition of a work-related death is “fatalities resulting from an injury sustained in the course of work activity, commuting to and from work, and as a result of someone else’s work activity.” Specifically excluded are deaths of those who die of iatrogenic injuries; due to natural causes or diseases, while working overseas or from self-inflicted injuries.  The following fields are available on the NCIS for deaths from July 2003 onwards:

Worker Type – indicates the type of worker (worker, bystander or commuter) involved in the fatality as determined by Safe Work Australia.

Occupation – The occupation of deceased at time of fatality. Coded to ANZSCO 2006, which can be accessed on the ABS website Note: Bystander deaths will not have Occupation coded.

Industry of Employer – The type of industry which employed the deceased worker. Coded to ANZSIC 2006 edition, which can be accessed on the ABS website Note: Bystander deaths will not have an Industry of Employer coded.

TOOCS Codes – The Type of Occurrence Classification System (TOOCS) was developed by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) for use in coding details of workers’ compensation cases reported to workers’ compensation agencies. Maintained by Safe Work Australia, this classification system has codes to record the nature, bodily location, mechanism, breakdown agency and agency of the injury or disease involved in the incident. The NCIS only displays the Mechanism, Agency and Breakdown agency codes for work related deaths, which have been coded to TOOCS version 3.0 by Safe Work Australia. A copy of this classification system is available from the Safe Work Australia website