Data from coronial files

Data fields include:

    • Name*
    • Date of notification of death
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Date of birth*
    • Address of usual residence*
    • Period of residence in country
    • Country of birth
    • Employment status
    • Usual occupation
    • If a work-related incident:
      • Occupation at the time of incident
      • Industry at the time of incident
  • Marital status
  • Indigenous identification (AUS)/ Ethnicity (NZ)
  • Time/location of incident
  • Activity at time of incident
  • Intent (both suspected at time death reported and final)
  • Mechanism of injury (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Object or substance involved (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Medical cause of death
  • Where the death is related to a motor vehicle incident:
    • vehicle type
    • driver/passenger
    • context
    • vehicle use
  • Geocoding of residential and incident addresses for external cause deaths (AUS)


Full text reports include:

  • Police narrative of circumstances*
  • Autopsy report*
  • Toxicology report*
  • Finding* (including any recommendation made)

Note: The asterisk (*) identifies data items which are only available to Level 1 users.