Data collection

The data set commences from July 2000 for most Australian states and territories (January 2001 from Queensland) and July 2007 for New Zealand cases.

The NCIS contains information from:

1- coronial files, and

2- other sources.

Each of the States and Territories around Australia and the New Zealand government have a licence agreement with the Victorian Department of Justice that permits the transfer, storage and dissemination of coronial information via the NCIS.

Data entry is performed at each of the coroners’ offices into local case management systems by coronial clerks. Data from these case management systems is uploaded to the NCIS on a regular basis (in most cases nightly). Full text documents are either attached to the local case management systems by the coroners’ courts, or transferred directly to the NCIS from the originating organisation (e.g. post-mortem reports from the Forensic Science Centre). All information transferred to the NCIS is performed in accordance with State and Federal Privacy legislation.

Certain full text reports may not be available on the NCIS if they are not able to be provided in an electronic format. An indication of which documents are/are not yet available on the NCIS can be accessed here. It should be noted that reports from country regions are also sometimes not available and that there are some limitations surrounding the completeness of the data set for some fields- see data quality for further information.

New Zealand case information is only available on the NCIS once the Coroner has completed the investigation, while some de-identified information may be available for Australian cases still under investigation with the coroner.

The NCIS does NOT contain:

  • Transcripts of inquests
  • Photographic evidence
  • Witness statements