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System Manuals

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An understanding of the NCIS coding schema is recommended for anyone involved in using the data contained in the NCIS for any kind of research or reporting or for anyone involved in coding data.

The Explanatory Notes provide a good background. For more detailed information about all data fields and their application, please consult the NCIS Data Dictionary and NCIS Coding Manual.

NCIS Data Dictionary

The NCIS Data Dictionary is a reference manual for persons involved in the entry, use and analysis of information contained in the NCIS Codeset. It is a comprehensive list of all data fields available in the NCIS with definitions and applications.


NCIS Coding Manual

The NCIS Coding Manual is a reference for those responsible for data entry into the NCIS. The manual provides guidance and advice on common data fields and coding scenarios. It also contains specific advice on typical external cause scenarios as well as hints on how to breakdown common scenarios for consistent coding.